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About Us

Our company has been active in the timber trade since 1981.

Its founders were people with an appetite and passion for wood. They created and developed innovative ideas for the time.

Then, at the helm of the company were the two sons who brought new ideas and with the help and development of technology they equipped the company with new technological equipment for the processing of wood. Thus, a privately owned building of 1000 square meters was built for the space needs of the company. which was also the trigger for the further development of the company. A new storage and cutting unit for melamine and industrial wood in general was created.

Coming to today, the management of the company changes hands and passes to the sons of the predecessors, who with fresh ideas and technologies of the modern era start their own course. In 2022 as a consequence is the construction of a new privately owned building. Thus it creates new spaces for the storage of timber, as well as the installation of additional technological equipment for its processing. Then it creates special spaces for the trade of furniture and hardware items. Over time, it adds more auxiliary items such as sinks, batteries, knobs, curtain rods, tools, paints.

In 2021, the company dynamically enters the field of e-commerce, creating the FIX MY DECO online store. Thus, it enables its customers to view and order the products it has very easily and from their premises 24 hours a day.